I am a third culture individual. I am an Egyptian, who spent all her school years in Saudi Arabia. Finishing my IGCSE's a bit early than normal, landed me on my freshman year in college in the US at the age of 15, making me the youngest freshman student on campus. Four years later I then moved back to Saudi Arabia to work at Fullstop Advertising and Memac Ogilvy. Working in an agency at the age of 19 made me exposed to great life and work related experience. I later moved to Qatar where I worked in several agencies and also worked with big brands on a freelance basis. I decided to apply for my Masters degree and I pursed my studies in the US for 2 years which also made me exposed to different ways on how to excel in my career.


I now moved to Dubai after living 12 years in Qatar. I have developed an identity that's rooted in people rather than places. I have been exposed to many cultures, many individuals  and many situations that shaped the way I am now.

I am now focusing on concept developing, strategic thinking and design work. I am always looking around for challenging opportunities to pursue in my career. If you would like to discuss any opportunities please feel free to contact me: sarah_hanno@hotmail.com

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